Welcome to my Website

My name is Gregory Alan Crewell and I was born in upstate New York (I'm not a city boy). My family moved to Grove, Oklahoma when I was 9 years old and I consider that my home.
-"I was born a Yankee but I'm Southern raised by the grace of GOD!"

After graduating high school in 1991, I attended a small junior college in Oklahoma before moving to Fayetteville, Arkansas and enrolling in the Computer Systems Engineering (CSEG) program at the University of Arkansas. I graduated with a bachelor's degree from the U of A in August of 1998.

I've lived in many places since college - Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Nebraska Missouri and now in Iowa. I currently work for Wells Fargo in West Des Moines, Iowa as a Software Engineering and Consultant.

To read more about me, choose the "Personnal Info" or "Resume" link below. I hope you enjoy the site.

Greg Crewell, AKA "Big Hurt"

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